Happy Birthday, Alex!

For as long as I've known Alex, family is very important to her. Born and raised on the east coast, she left her family and friends in New Jersey to pursue an amazing career opportunity in California. Not knowing a single person, she quickly learned how to survive on her own where everything was a new experience.

Six months ago, I started an idea to have her family and friends record themselves saying happy birthday to make her feel like even though her family is 3,000 miles away, she has family here, too.

A big ass thank you to everyone in this video for making it special.

Enjoy :)

I'm not really good with words or showing my emotions (because the streets are real out here and I gotta keep it 100 at all hours of the day, obviously) so I put together a second video to capture how much she means to me.

Originally, I was going to film myself talking in the video, but I got all emotional. Then, I tried to do a voiceover throughout the video, but awe man, I kept tearing up like Debra be cuttin' up onions in the kitchen.

Like, damn Debra. Relax on them onions, girl.

So finally, I decided to let this cover of Can't Help Falling In Love sing how I feel over a compilation of clips I've recorded of her within the last year.

To my adventure partner, my bedroom lover and my best fucking friend.

I love you, Alex.

Happy birthday, love.