"All jokes aside, I'm like a punchline dipped in Sriracha sauce."



Aquarius, 1988


Los Angeles, California


Global UX Lead, Fabletics


Some people know how to do their taxes, others know the difference between HMO & PPO; I know how to convert users into members and shoppers into buyers.

My name is Ary Mega and I provide creative solutions with a background in advertising and e-commerce.

I design experiences, ride a '99 Harley-Davidson Sportster and became a new parent to Arro Mega as of May 4th 2018 with my adventure partner, bedroom lover and best friend, Alexandra Lambros.

During business hours, I'm responsible for leading the global user experience at Fabletics, a TechStyle Fashion Group brand. After hours, I dedicate my time between fitness on a plant-based diet and motorcycles.


Early life

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, as an only child to two Indonesian-Americans. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley and graduated from Cleveland High School in 2006.

Growing up in the 818, there was a big music scene. Throughout middle and high school, I was in numerous bands, performing at The Cobalt Cafe, The Roxy, The Whiskey A Go Go, House of Blues and Knitting Factory, to name a few. But after I graduated high school, I realized the type of music we were making wasn't going to provide a stable income — so I enrolled at a community college to become a database administrator.

I dropped out after my third day.

School wasn't for me; I couldn't sit in a classroom for hours, being forced to learn Microsoft Word as a prerequisite. I've always been self-taught, so I taught myself how to code and design websites via YouTube — which led me to my profession.


2005 - 2007

Barista, Starbucks

2007 - 2009

Web Producer, VIMBY

2009 - 2012

Web Developer, Lunchbox

2013 - 2015

UX & UI Designer, ShoeDazzle

2015 - Now

Global UX Lead, Fabletics


In my senior year of high school, I got my first job as a barista at Starbucks in Granada Hills, California.

After two years, I hung up my apron because I found an internship ad for a web producer on Craigslist, which eventually turned into a paid job.

Two years later, I moved on as a web developer for an advertising agency in Culver City, California, where our biggest client was Unilever.

Fast-forward three years, I switched from writing code to designing experiences and interfaces in Santa Monica, California, for a women's fashion e-commerce brand. Shortly after my arrival, we were acquired by a competitor and moved in as one big family to El Segundo, California.

And now, I'm a father to the cutest Indonesian-Greek-Italian-Swedish baby and a partner to whom I want to share my life with.


Personal life

On August 19th 2017, Alex and I found out we were expecting a baby; on May 4th 2018, we became parents.


Arro Mega slid into this world like a DM at 7.11lbs, 20.5 inches tall and a head circumference of 33cm.